Hogan's Alley

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hillary To Vote No On Roberts

After much speculation in the blogosphere and even a report by Druge that she would support John Roberts' nomination to SCOTUS, Sen. Clinton has now issued a statement that she will vote against his nomination.

The political calculus seems clear. Following the advise of her husband, no slouch at reading the electorate, Sen. Clinton is now focusing on being re-elected to the Senate as her first priority. If she loses to her likely opponent, Westchester County D.A. Jeanine Pirro, there can be no presidential run.

In the NY election, the support of women's and other liberal activist groups is crucial. If she voted for Roberts they might have only provided luke warm support. She can only guarantee such support by distinguishing herself from the other strong woman in the race on the Repbublican side.

Once the Senate election is over expect Hillary to tack immediately to the right. Having cemented her credentials with the liberal groups essential to victory in the Presidential primaries, she will desperately need to appear unthreatening to the vast middle.

Besides, two years from now no one will even remember anyone's vote in the Roberts nomination.