Hogan's Alley

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Shooting Off My Big Mouth

Why the name "Hogan's Alley"? Well, it captures two references that are important to me. Golf, at which I torture myself, and the "Allen's Alley" of the long gone Fred Allen's radio show.

The golf reference is to the Riviera Country Club in L.A., which Ben Hogan made his own in 1948. The Fred Allen reference is to a recurring bit on his weekly radio show, which I am too young to remember, but which my father loved, in which Allen would "interview" a sequence of regional stereotypes in a comical attempt to take the pulse of the country.

My intent with this blog is to try to think out loud about world events, films, photography, music, books and anything else that catches my fancy. In this way I hope to get things off my chest in a way that someone else can read and react to, thereby helping to refine my thinking. If these musing also provide food for thought for others, so much the better.

Update: Hogan's Alley also refers to a Nintendo game from the 80's and a FBI training site. The game, which is the most common hit on Google, involves bad guys popping up in order to be shot by the player, or trainee at the FBI's Quantico facility. While I was not aware of this reference when I chose a name for this blog, it too may be a suitable metaphor for what I will attempt to do here.