Hogan's Alley

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Stupid Bush Decisions of the Day, I

Thanks to Jeff Jarvis for highlighting a report in the Washington Post about the FBI recruiting agents, presumably away from assignments having to do with anti-terrorist or real crime fighting, to join an anti-porn squad.

This has nothing to do with child porn or anything in the exploitive nature of porn. It is all about putting a group together who will be forced to look at piles of porn to try to find examples that will make a case for the violation of some community's standard of decency. No doubt there are places in America, say Greenville, South Carolina, home of Bob Jones "University", where most of what passes for advertising in glossy magazines would offend their sense of propriety.

This choice by A.G. Gonzales demonstrates the administration's willingness to sacrifice focus on important issues to pander to what it believes to be its base. If I were in Congress I would worry that these people are off the hook now that reelection is not an issue W, Carl and Co.