Hogan's Alley

Friday, November 18, 2005

65 Killed In Iraqi - Future of Iraq After American Pullout?

With this morning's news of two suicide bombers walking into Shiite mosques and killing 65, as of this moment, it seems relevant to ask if Americans are willing to witness incidents like this multiply and deteriorate into a full blown civil war if the Congress forces premature withdrawal on the White House.

Clearly there is no guarantee that a fully trained Iraqi army can hold the country together. That is really dependent on the political leaders and the political process that emerges after the December 15 elections. But what can be guaranteed is that the Sunni/Bathist and al Qaeda terrorists conducting this insurgency will be emboldened by their victory over the United States and the Coalition and will continue to murder their way into power.

Make no mistake about it, if the American people decide that whatever happens in Iraq it is not worth the lives of any more soldiers and we pull out prematurely, the bloodbath will follow for the Iraqis. The American media will leave in droves and the following chaos will go unseen on America's TV screens. Americans will go back to perseverating on the next attractive white girl who disappears. The terrorists, however, will add Iraq to the list that includes Lebanon, Somalia, etc. and will have proven their believe that the way to achieve their ends is to kill as many non-believers as possible. We will have shown them that they were right about us. We are a lazy, weak people and have no stomach for discomfort, much less violence.

We will be responsible for the return home to the roost of these chickens in further attacks on our soil, as will the Congress and the President. Sadly, at this crucial point in history we are strapped with a President who in incapable of leading or of even expressing himself in a way that inspires confidence.

Update: The Washington Post website is now reporting the number of dead as "nearly 100" with a confirmed death toll of 90 Iraqis.