Hogan's Alley

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Lost: Last Night's Episode

While I'm on the topic of television shows...last night's episode of Lost represents both the best and the worst of the writing for that show.

One of my problems with Lost is the constant stoppage of the forward motion of the main story in order to drop in the backstories of the various passengers. Every week, just when the interesting quirkiness of the island and its realities is developing, along comes the sound effect of something like a plane falling through the air and we are transported back in time to some moment of a character's memory. I have come to dread that sound effect.

Two weeks ago Lost broadcast an episode that told the story of the crash and survival of the passengers from the back piece of the airplane. In one show they beautifully portrayed the course of events that led to the meeting of the two groups and made understandable Ana-Lucia's shooting of Shannon. The hour raced along, fully satisfying my interest in the events unfolding. There were no flashbacks. I would love to have more such episodes.

To bitch about another small point in the plotting of the show, in last night's episode, just after John and Eko piece together the film strip's warning about never trying to use the old Apple computer to try to communicate with anyone, Michael too conveniently decides to try just that.
Don't get me wrong, I loved the idea that Walt might be at the other end of that communication. It just happened too fast.

I wonder if Walt has found a twin computer in the hatch at the other end of the island where Eko found the book?