Hogan's Alley

Friday, December 30, 2005

WAPO In A Snit Over Failure Of Its Revelations About Intelligence Gathering To Government To A Halt

The Washington Post today issues a piece for which the news, as expressed in its headline "Covert CIA Program Withstands New Furor", is solely that the earth inside the beltway has not shook since they told us that the US Government was using aggressive intelligence gathering techniques in its search for terrorists. The article reads like someone in the newsroom said, "Hey guys, maybe people just missed this story when the Times started it, which should have kicked off a move towards impeaching Bush. Maybe in all the pre-holiday rush they were just too busy. Let's do another front page piece." Advised by reporters that they had no really new information, our friendly editor directed that they rehash the prior reports and add that there is no sign that these efforts to protect America have diminished in any way. Maybe America will get it this time.

Message to the editors at the Post, this is not Watergate. It is not a cheap burglary done for crass political advantage and run out of the White House. It is a matter of national security in a new age in which those who seek to harm us do not fly the flag of any nation and conduct their business entirely in secret. Americans do remember. They remember the fall of the WTC and they can easily imagine any number of equally horrid tricks being hatched in Islamist circles. Yes we will have some hearings and possibly some activities will be placed under the sanction of the courts, but these will be matters of fine tuning. The central effort should and must continue.