Hogan's Alley

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Where Abramoff's Money Went

Capital Eye has posted a complete list of all members of Congress who received contributions from Abramoff, either personal contributions or via the PAC he controlled. Amounts received and party membership is shown. Tip of the hat to Andrew Sullivan.

Although there are many Democrats listed, Republicans seem to have a slight edge in the raw number of Representatives and Senators who received his beneficence. It is interesting to note that Republican Cong. Ney of Ohio, who has already received special mention in the Abramoff indictment, received $31,500. For a point of comparison, Democratic Senator Patty Murray of Washington received $40,980. Clearly the simple amount of money donated is not all there is to this matter, but this list leads me to wonder why most of the reporting on this issue paints this as a Republican problem only.