Hogan's Alley

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hitch Defends M. Levy Against "Know-Nothing" Attack by Keillor

Since I previously featured an appreciative reference to Garrison Keillor's front page NY Times Book Review attack on Bernard Henri Levy's American Vertigo it seems only fair to link to Christopher Hitchens Slate counter attack on Keillor and his defense of Levy, a person Hitch admires.

Much of Hitchen's piece is a flowing and appropriate diatribe against what he calls, "Yellow-dog Democrats like Keillor", and our whole sad history of, "corn-fed, white-bread American nativist bloviation." Sadly, he spends too little time telling his readers if and why he thinks M. Levy may have something genuinely useful to say about our society. He seems to be largely venting his spleen against what may have confronted Hitchens himself during his time in country as a fancy pants, high fallutin' English feller.