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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Maybe Isaac Hayes Didn't Quit South Park - Did Someone "Quit" For Him?

Roger Friedman has an interesting article on the Fox News website in which he asserts that Isaac Hayes:
1. Has more of a sense of humor than to be terminally offended when Scientology was criticized on South Park,
2. Suffered a stroke on January 17, from which he is still recovering from at home.

Who then transmitted a resignation to the folks at South Park? Who else had a reason to do so but the "Church" of Scientology, which has a history of "managing" the lives of its members so that no negative reflections on the "Church" appear in public?

Meanwhile, while awaiting further developments as to the truth of this situation, let's all be sure to watch South Park's return to the air with new episodes tomorrow, Wednesday, March 22. The first episode is being advertised as, "The Return of Chef (1001) One of South Park's most beloved characters makes a triumphant return to the show."

Further info from Reuters promises that Matt and Trey are going to take full advantage of the situation to further eviscerate the tender sensibilities of the Scientologists:

...a network synopsis said the fictional town of South Park, Colorado, is "jolted out of a case of the doldrums when Chef suddenly reappears," leading to new antics by the group of foul-mouthed fourth graders who are the show's stars.

"While Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman are thrilled to have their old friend back, they notice that something about Chef seems different. When Chef's strange behavior starts getting him in trouble, the boys pull out all the stops to save him."

Thanks to Capt. Ed for alerting us to this latest revoltin' development for L. Ron's minions.