Hogan's Alley

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New Album From Paul Simon Due May 6

The music I listen to most of the time is broadcast and webcast from WFUV in New York. In recent days they have been playing many of Paul Simon's great songs, which made me wonder if, please God, there might be a new album forthcoming from Simon. His last studio album was released fully six years ago.

Sure enough, Simon's website announces that his new album, titled "Surprise" will be available on May 6. Follow the link for "News". The site reports that the new album:

´Surprise´ is the first album that Paul Simon has worked on in collaboration with legendary producer Brian Eno. The result is a captivating collection of songs captured in mesmerising style by Eno´s inventive production. ´Surprise´, his first album since 2000´s ´You're The One´, is reminiscent of classics from his back catalogue such as ´Paul Simon´, ´There Goes Rhyming Simon´ and ´Still Crazy After All These Years´.

Titles set to rank amongst highlights of the set include ´Outrageous´, ´How Can You Live In The Northeast´ and ´Sons And Daughters´.

For Simon fans, soon will the long winter of our discontent be made glorious Summer by this son of Queens.