Hogan's Alley

Friday, April 14, 2006

Which Raises The Question, Are We Playing Into The Iranian President's Hand?

It is becoming clear, as many in the Bush Administration believe, that there is a strong undercurrent of dislike for the regime of the Mullahs among the people of that country. In fact, could Ahmadinejad's recent and repeated threats against Israel and his push to achieve nuclear nation status be explained largely as the classic ploy of countless leaders to unify his country via hatred of, fear of and threats from outside states?

It surely wouldn't be the first time a tyrant has mobilized anti-Semitism in his own self-interest.

What does this mean for the US' currently antagonistic approach to Iran? While the presence of some level of threat of force is no doubt an essential part of attempts to coerce the Iranians to call a halt to their nuclear development, are we pushing the threatening angle too strongly and thereby perversely helping Ahmadinejad to foment a patriotic unity in Iran that protects his status? Just asking.