Hogan's Alley

Thursday, February 22, 2007

American Idol, The Final 24 Disappoint

The cutting, self-consumed voice of Simon Cowell is also often the bearer of hard truths on the American Idol show. The last two nights were no exception. The performances by the men on night one were safe and pedestrian at best. All were totally forgettable and singers. The only one to provoke any interest was Chris Sligh. It was not his performance, but his decision to take a well-deserved shot at Simon for his involvement with Tele Tubbies and Il Divo. The problem was it seemed too calculated by half. Now that Simon has no actual vote in who departs, Chris seems to have decided to try to garner the anti-Cowell votes of the audience to himself. If Sundance Head survives it will be proof that the tone deaf, goof-on-the-show vote is dominant.

Night two for the women was not much better, but it was a little better. Credible performances by Sabrina Sloan, Leslie Hunt and Jordin Sparks should keep them in the game. My pre-24 Fav, Melinda Doolittle, was great. She also has the advantage of projecting the likable personality of a solid person with her feet on the ground, which should carry her a long way in the voting.

The final singer of the night, Lakisha Jones, proved to be the strongest of the evening. She absolutely belted out a version of "And I Am Telling You" from Dreamgirls that brought down the house and resulted in only highly positive comments from the judges. Her pitch and delivery was perfect and she seemed to deeply feel the sentiment of the song. In the future, her problem will be with more subtle material and, frankly, with her weight. Idol voters seem to have liked their female singers on the svelte side.

Update: The philistines over at Vote for the Worst have selected Sundance Head and Antonella Barba as the ones their acolytes should support. They were my picks for the worst. So far it seems to be working if the predictions at DialIdol are close to correct. That site unbelievably has Sundance as the top vote getter among the men, with Antonella Barba as number two among the women. Their predictions for those who will lose tonight are Amy Krebs , Alaina Alexander, Paul Kim and Nicholas Pedro.