Hogan's Alley

Thursday, March 08, 2007

American Idol - Only Two Matter

I can't imagine anyone watching Idol last night who could not be struck by the superiority of Melinda Dillon and Lakisha Jones. They are so far superior to all the other competitors that it is certain they will be the final two contestants. The only remaining question is which contestants will survive with them until the end.

I have to believe the audience will keep several men in the game for a while. For me, Blake Lewis, Chris Sligh and Chris Richardson are the deserving ones. Blake, especially, will be fun to watch as the season progresses through the shows with themed song choices.

Who should go tonight? Sanjaya and Sundance, for sure. They are the bottom of the barrel and have been for some time. Is tonight the night when the votes of the cynics are outweighed by viewers with ears? We'll see.

Among the women, Antonella is still the bottom. She will only survive if those voting for the worst still prevail. Following her in underwhelming me was Haley. I never heard the song she chose, but it was terrible, period. Forget whether it fit her singing style, it didn't, but it was just an awful song. Added to the fact that it didn't show off her broadway-style voice, I am afraid she has doomed herself.