Hogan's Alley

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lost - The Days Of Slow Revalation Are Over

Those of us who loathed the slow development, especially in Season Two, of the various plot lines have certainly gotten what we asked for in this episode, "One of Us". No more time fillers about Hurley and his found VW Microbus or sidetracking stories like the paralyzing deaths of Nikki and Paulo and their diamonds, which may or may not be dug up at a later date.

Last night "One of Us" satisfied our need to know what Juliet was up to when she was so suspiciously found handcuffed to Kate "Defiant Ones" style in last week's episode. Last night we learned it was one of Ben's ploys, although we don't yet know his purpose for the ruse. We also learned how Juliet came to the Island after her recruitment by Mittelos via "Herarat Aviation" (Earhart Aviation?) and the famous submarine. How the Others kept Juliet on the Island and allegedly cured her sister's reocurrence of cancer and their ability, at least before Locke's magnetic "incident" destroyed their communication with the mainland, to learn all they needed to know and to dispatch agents anywhere in the world. We also learned that Ben intends to see Juliet in one week's time.

As intriguing as the episode was, the preview for the balance of the season was equally enticing. It promises new characters, new conflicts and new places, as shown in the above still of Juliet entering or leaving a high security safe door. It sounds like they are going to finish with a bang.