Hogan's Alley

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

American Idol - The Finals

It has finally come down to the last two contestants, Blake and Jordin. My heart, from the begining of the season, was with Melinda Doolittle. So part of me doesn't care who wins in the end. But after last night's performances, Jordin Sparks is the only possible choice.

Blake is a very talented entertainer, but he has never been able to fully inhabit a song. He seems like a person with ADHD who is far too bored with just the song as written. He must fill any quiet spaces with movement, beat boxing, interacting with the audience or anythng but just focusing on the meaning of the lyrics and the notes he is singing.

Jordin, on the other hand, has the capacity, amazing for one of her age, to transport herself deeply into the emotions of a song. I totally believe that her tears at the end of the final song last night were genuine and unplanned. They were driven purely by her reaction to the words she was singing and that moment in her life. I would like to see her work with a good coach to improve her vocal tone, but she has plenty of time to grow as an artist.

She has to be the winner. She should win because of her talent, her youth and promise and because she seems to be a decent person. I would also like to see her win because she is the child of a biracial family (the world should see that Americans are not bothered any longer by such things) and because her father, Phillipi Sparks played corner back briefly for my beloved NY Giants.

For what it is worth, the folks at DialIdol have predicted a Jordin victory.