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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hillary Clinton Sopranos Spoof.

Well, it is now clear that the Sopranos series, and especially its finale, have entered the lexicon of cultural cliches. Here we have Hillary and Bill strolling into the Mt. Kisco Diner for supper, complete with references to the onion rings, the Journey music, parallel parking, threatening characters and a final blackout. In case the references were not clear enough, we have the actor who portrayed Johnnie Sack giving his best cold-eyed stare at the Clintons.

Ann Althouse has pointed out the problems for Hillary with all the associations imbeded in this video. But perhaps she is putting too fine a point on the event. After all, it does show that the Clintons can appear to have a sense of humor. Yes, I know that the likelihood is that the writer and director had to explain the context to them. It is also impossible to envision Hill and Bill strolling into a diner on Main St., even with the Secret Service entourage in tow.

At the end of the day the video is a Rorschach test of our preconceptions about America's most focused and driven couple.

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