Hogan's Alley

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Get Rid of Michael Brown

I have been focusing on the culpability of the local and state authorities in the Katrina tragedy, but clearly the failures of FEMA are equally inescapable. The focus on demanding the firing of Brown led by Andrew Sullivan and Michele Malkin from the right and the entire left wing blogosphere initially struck me as facile and not helpful in the short term. But now I think that he must be held accountable for his failures.

Bush clearly screwed up when he hired an unqualified hack such as Brown to run FEMA. It was especially unconscionable in a post 9/11 world where horrid emergencies will surely need managing. I don't care about the future of the Republican party at all, but I am convinced that unless Bush begins to behave like he actually was in charge of this government soon, we will have a Democratic Congress come 2006. Considering the Democrats complicity in sucking up the pork and thereby diverting funds from essential projects like the N.O. levees, electoral success is not something that they deserve either.

More important than any elective considerations, the good of the nation demands that someone solid, dare I mention the name Rudy Giuliani, be put in charge. Brown must go.