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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Maureen Dowd's Vacuousness Revealed on "Meet The Press"

Moon God at a blog called In The Mouth Of Madison absolutely nails the truth about Ms. Dowd in this post. Check it out.

Quoting extensively from today's Meet the Press, Moon God demonstrates the striking emptiness of Dowd's "thought", declaring that she is essentially a nihilist.

I think that viewing her that way grants her more credit than she deserves. It presumes she is capable of adopting any philosophical position. I have long felt that Dowd was free of any serious world view. She is like the prototypical high school girl, leader of a clutch of hangers on, who defends her own insecurity by declaring the uncoolness of everyone else in the school. Dowd's columns are nothing more than facile labeling and name calling, always with an undertone of the serene cool of some adolescent ice goddess.

Dowd is no more a follower of Dadaism than the German Nihilist Kidnappers in "The Big Lebowski".