Hogan's Alley

Monday, September 26, 2005

TimesSelect - Still Impossible to Access

More on my continuing saga of futile attempts to use my status as a home delivery subscriber of the Times to activate my free access to their newly walled off opinion columns.

I finally got a response to my email of Sept. 19, on Sept. 24. It provided detailed instructions for negotiating their registration labyrinth, which I followed religiously, but to no avail.

Today, when one clicks on one of the TimesSelect pieces, the returned screen telling you that you must be a registered user to read the full article now has a link which states," If you have already enrolled in TimesSelect, the site may not be recognizing you correctly. Please click here to reset your information. If you continue to have a problem, check our FAQ."

Needless to say, clicking on the reset link failed, as did clicking on a link in the FAQ pop up window. Reset shmeset. Nothing they try works.

What they need is a redesign that would link the refusal page to a page in which one could enter the relevant user id's and account numbers, have the cookies reset and/or use one's browser to remember the login data for future use. I predict that all their attempts will fail until they finally determine to bite this bullet.