Hogan's Alley

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Finally A Smart Distribution Of Anti-Terror Funds

The Department of Homeland Security has finally stopped the waste of millions of dollars in Federal anti-terrorism monies that occurred when funds were given to every congressional district for political reasons. No longer will police departments in Idaho and Wyoming be able to buy all kinds of neat cop equipment on the Federal dime. Perhaps the cities where everyone understands the next attack is most likely to take place will now be better prepared when in occurs.

According to the story in the Times, 35 cities will receive the bulk of the $765 million available for funding new requests. Eleven other cities will still be able to request "sustainment funding" of previously funded programs.

I don't, of course, know if the new Director of DHS is responsible for making this rational decision, but he did make the announcement and will have to take the heat from our brave politicians in Alaska, Iowa, New Mexico, etc. Good for him.