Hogan's Alley

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Friedman Sees New Hope For Alternative Fuel Coalition

Behind the Great Wall that is TimeSelect, Tom Friedman today has an interesting piece. He sights a March 13 speech by Sen. Richard Lugar, Republican of Indiana, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in which the Senator urges an all out push to end our dependency on fossil fuels and proposes specific legislation to get us there.

A PDF version of the speech by Lugar can be found here. Additional information is available at the Brookings Institute's website.

What Friedman finds interesting is what may be a growing confluence of forces, from across the political spectrum, with a shared goal of freeing America, and the environment, from what Lugar calls this albatross of dependency on oil.

Can you imagine the political momentum on this issue that would emerge if old time conservative Republicans like Lugar, centrist Democrats like Lieberman, and evangelicals like Gary Bauer join together with environmentalists, anti-Big Oil activists and the Hollywood Prius driving crowd? Something good for America and for the America's fractious political landscape might just happen.