Hogan's Alley

Friday, March 31, 2006

Scalia's Gesture - Part Deux

Never one to admit they were wrong, the Boston Herald has now sent two of its intrepid reporters, Michele McPhee and David Wedge abroad to locate some actual Italian-Americans to interpret the infamous hand gesture used by Scalia. Instead of consulting the local telephone directory they apparently sought out the only group of Italians they knew would talk to them, some of the supporting cast of the Sopranos.

Of course, the actors in question were divided, three felt it was not obscene and two did. Since it is their ball and they control the game, the Herald places the agreeable Sopranos in the lead paragraphs, probably consigning the actors who disagreed with them to after the jump.

For me the key quote is from Frank Vincent, who plays Phil Leotardo, who has grudgingly accepted temporary peace with Tony Soprano over the murder of Phil's brother by Tony's late cousin. Vincent described the gesture as "dismissive, not obscene." He further said, "That could mean '‘forget about it.'’ It means he just doesn'’t want to even talk about it. He thinks it'’s not worth his time."

Ditto for this whole silly tempest in an expresso cup.