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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Stanley Fish, Professorial Blogger

Now blogging for the NY Times, Prof. Stanley Fish, prominent literary theorist and Milton expert. Prof. Fish, who has been associated in the past with Ivy League and other "most selective" universities, now teaches, of all places, at Florida International University's College of Law. What possible courses could he be teaching? Legal strategies for regaining paradise? Apparently this provides him with more time to attempt to educate the rest of us boobs via a new blog in the NY Times.

The folks at Wonkette point out that Fish's latest entry, entitled "Forget Barack, Run With Hillary", is overly long, but still right up their street:

Wow. That was breezy, superficial, catty, and looks-obsessed. It was highly opinionated, yet devoid of substance. We wish we had written it ourselves.

Dr. Fish is so into his current foray among the political classes that he even prescribes the kind of commercials that he thinks will work for the Democrats and suggests casting Sam Elliot or Donald Sutherland for the voice over job.