Hogan's Alley

Monday, April 03, 2006

UCLA vs Florida, The Winner Will Be...

Like 99.99% of NCAA Men's Basketball bracket jockeys, I did not pick UCLA and Florida for the final, to be decided tonight in Indianapolis. The result will, by the way, not be known till an ungodly hour on the East coast, when most of us will have fallen asleep. So who will win?

I am going with UCLA. I think they have a very talented team that has been underrated all along, in large part because of the fact that most of their games didn't begin until 10:00 PM or later in the Eastern centers of sports journalism. Florida, on the other hand, has the celebrity presence of Joakim Noah, son of French tennis star Yannick Noah and some significant scoring talent of it's own.

It should be a great game. Pick 'em and weep.