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Friday, May 12, 2006

"LOST" Blogging - The Pearl Hatch, Answers and Questions

Tomorrow we can return to the subject of politics. For today, let's finish with a last item about our culture. Last Wednesday, "LOST" presented and episode entitled "?", a reference to the marking of a site on a map, drawn by person or persons unknown, seen only for a few seconds by one of the characters in this fiction about lost souls on a remote Pacific island.

The fact that I know to what the title referred is a mark of the extraordinary hold of this weekly TV drama on its viewers. I can not remember a show, with the possible exception of the Star Trek franchise, that has so enthralled its viewers (although not your humble servant), making many of us obsessive miners of the internet websites that document all the twists, turns, mysteries and speculations of the world of "LOST". We poor souls are the "Losties", God help us.

It is through such perseveration on the show and its secrets that I found screen captures of a map, drawn in ink only visible in black light and seen only for 15 - 20 seconds by a character trapped under the blast door it was drawn on, which seems to contain all the secret places of the mysterious island of our beloved survivors. The map is replete with obscure labels, mathematical formulas and Latin phrases, which have all been dutifully translated and discussed at the various web sites of the mad followers of this entertainment. At the center of the map is a representation of an underground hatch labeled on the blast door drawing with a "?".

In Wednesday's episode, the "?" hatch was discovered to be an observation site, now designated as, "The Pearl". In it were nine monitors and an orientation tape that directed those manning the hatch to observe and note every activity seen in the other underground hatches of the island. That is if anyone really cared what they observed, as opposed to determining if "subject" would continue to obey directives to conduct meaningless tasks.

In answering the question of what was in the central hatch of the island, the show writers and producers have only generated a dozen new questions. And so it goes. I hope it goes on for a long time, revealing layer after layer of this wonderful artichoke.