Hogan's Alley

Monday, May 15, 2006

The Sopranos - Brokeback Goomba

Last night's episode of The Sopranos, entitled "Moe 'N Joe", focused to a large extent on Vito's relationship with beloved "Johnny Cakes" in New Hampshire. I must say that this episode had very little to do with the usual focus of the series. Instead of a weekly view of the interactions of outlaws with the issues of normal life, we spent last night mostly seeing the lives of gay men in the macho roles normally regarded as the province of strait men. Interesting, but more suited to the Logo Channel.

Of course, in the end Vito can't stand the hard work and boredom of straight (in the sense of non-Mafia) life and books it back with all deliberate speed, and at the cost of an unfortunate local's life, to North Jersey. Now the usual conflicts can resume in the final two episodes of this season.

One additional small point. Was it a continuity problem or an intentional switch when in Dr. Melfi's office the statue of the dancer on the windowsill behind her changed in the two sessions with Tony? Since the statue is shot against a bright background it really stands out and is, I think, unlikely to be a mistake. In the first, the dancer is delicately balanced on one toe. In the second, she is firmly on both feet. Accident or intentional? In the second session Melfi is gives it straight to Tony regarding the incestuous components of his relationship with Janice. In the first session she rather more delicately dances around the reason for Tony's anger at Janice.