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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Beaver In Big Apple

The discovery of a beaver in the Bronx River in NY City's borough of the Bronx is said to be the first such occurrence in 200 years. This event puts me in mind of my cousin who, in the early sixties, lived a few blocks from the Bronx River in Yonkers, about a half a mile north of the Bronx border. Urban frontier scouts they were.

Back in those pre-PETA days when young boys felt zero compunction about killing animals, Jackie and his friends regularly trapped muskrats in the Bronx River. The muskrats were skinned and the furs sold to the furrier in a local department store, Wanamakers.

Personally, I was secretly glad that on our family visits to Jackie and family, we were always too busy to go over and check the traps. I was totally urbanized, coming from the west side of Yonkers, not the more suburban east side wildernesses. Hearing chickens killed in the live poultry market was as close as I wanted to come to the process of putting meat on my plate.

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