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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscar Picks

For the record, at 7:07 PM EST, here are my personal choices for the top five categories and my predictions of the likely winners.

Supporting Actor - I would like to see Jackie Earl Haley win. His comeback story is great and the role, playing a child sexual predator, required some bravery. The likely winner, Eddie Murphy. In truth, I have not seen Dreamgirls, but I can't imagine that anything Eddie could do would surpass his competition.

Supporting Actress - It seems to be unavoidable that Jennifer Hudson will take home the trophy, but for me, Rinko Kikuchi in Babel was just brilliant and totally believable.

Leading Actor - I actually think that Leonardo DiCaprio should have been nominated for The Departed, not Blood Diamond, but he was great in both. The Academy will probably give it to Forest Whitaker. He seems to be on a run.

Leading Actress - My choice and my predicted winner is Helen Mirren. She made this mysterious, secret person come truly alive.

Best Picture - The most enjoyable and satisfying film of the year was The Departed. Unfortunately, it will suffer in the voting because so many Academy members see all the films on DVD at home. This was the only movie I've have seen in years with so much applause and cheering by an audience. It was totally involving for all, and this was is a largely white neighborhood where silence during movies is the norm.

One last prediction: An Inconvenient Truth will absolutely take home the Oscar for Documentary Feature. It is a unavoidable opportunity for the Hollywood community to symbolically vote one more time for Al Gore and to teach the unwashed millions another lesson about the truth of world and national affairs and global science. Then they can all pile into their 8 miles to the gallon limos to be driven to their private jets so they can go back to work at their movie locations or the equally important ski jaunt at Sun Valley.

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