Hogan's Alley

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lost: Hot Steaming Tattoo

Last night's show featured Jack in the hottest TV, FCC approved, love making seen in a long time. Along the way in a flashback he is "marked" by his Thai girlfriend with the Chinese characters meaning, "he walks amongst us, but he is not one of us". The triangle and number 5 of Jack's full tattoo have not yet appeared. As an aside, Jack's vacation site in Thailand is mentioned to be Phuket, the site of the main impact of the 2005 tsunami. Possible future tie in of the Lost events with that earthquake and its aftermath?

Although the ABC promo department promised the revelation of three key issues, only the circumstances of the tattoo are really revealed in any detail. We do get to see the previously snatched members of the Tallies, both adults and children. They are still alive and have come to "watch". What they have come to watch is not clear.

Having returned to the main island, Sawyer and Kate's romance seems to have cooled down via an argument over whether or not to follow Kate's desire to immediately return to the Hydra island to rescue Jack.

Back on the Hydra island, Jack decides to try to save Juliet from being executed for killing Danny. Lingering gazes between the two are exchanged. It is my belief that the character name Juliet was chosen to foreshadow an affair between she and Jack, of which both the Losties and the Others will disapprove. Only time will tell. A new character, Isabel, who appears to rank just below Ben in the Others hierarchy.

All good stuff. As usual, left me wanting more.