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Sunday, March 18, 2007

I'm Done With American Idol

I've had it with American Idol. It is unwatchable television and even more horrid music. I no longer intend to force myself to listen to bad or mediocre singers in order to see if one of the 2 - 4 people who can perform make it to the end. Call me in two months. Then I'll pay attention again, unless the good singers are all gone by then, which is possible.

If anything, I am now inclined to vote for Sanjaya every week. At least that way the show can be held up to the ridicule it deserves.

My last comment on the show is about the worst singer to appear on the stage last week, Diana Ross. Anyone who was not fooled by her high-priced hair and costume, which were beautiful, as was she, and who actually listened to her sing had to be appalled.

To use the usual phrases heard from the judges, she was "pitchy" throughout the song and she went up on the lyrics several times. Her voice, especially on the higher notes, was not much more than a shriek. Her saving grace was that she has been doing this thing for so long that she knows how to sell a performance, even when it is a poor one. As for the judges, those upholders of quality in music apparently shut their ears and rose as one to give Ms. Ross a standing ovation. What fools. They are no doubt laughing all the way to the bank.

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