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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Times Declares The Trend That Ate The Internet

I don't know about you, but when I was scanning the Times this weekend, their story that shouted, "Online Sales Lose Steam", rang false. My gut and personal experience of web shopping told me they couldn't be right.

Now, thanks to Andrew Sullivan, we have Jack Shafer at Slate declaring the story bogus and providing chapter and verse.

The bottom line: while internet sales are dropping from their former growth rate of 25% each year, they are settling in at about a 9% growth rate. Given that brick and mortar sales grow at about 2 - 3%, 9% is still pretty damn good.

While you are checking out the Times' story, be sure to follow the chart shown under the heading "Multimedia". It shows that when looked at by type of product bought, online sales are showing an average growth rate this year of 18.5%. That is stupendous growth by any measure.

It must have been a slow news weekend for the Times editors to have drafted a fiction writer to fill some space.

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