Hogan's Alley

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Speaking of Joe Wilson...

I forgot to highlight emergence of a now bearded Joe Wilson to grouchily decry the Bush pardon on this morning's Today show and, I'm sure, on the cable new nets. David Brooks put it best in his piece this morning:

The drama opened, as these dark comedies are wont to do, with a strutting little peacock who went by the unimaginative name of Joe Wilson.

Mr. Wilson claimed that his wife had nothing to do with his trip to investigate Iraqi purchases in Niger, though that seems not to have been the case. He claimed his trip proved Iraq had made no such attempts, though his own report said nothing of the kind.

In short order, Wilson established himself as the charming P.T. Barnum of the National Security set, an inveterate huckster who could be counted on to wrap every actual fact in six layers of embellishment. His small part in the larger fiasco of the Iraq war would not have registered a micron of attention had the villain of the epic — the vice president — not exercised his unfailing talent for vindictive self-destruction.