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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Tired Of The Same Old Crap On The Radio?

If you are of "a certain age" and hate most of the streaming music that is available via the internet, here is a wondrous new resource. The venerable KCRW Public Radio station in LA is now streaming its Morning Becomes Eclectic-style programing 24/7 on the net. It is called Eclectic24. (Thanks to Mickey Kaus for the tip)

I just finished listening for about 45 minutes and it was astounding. I am really well versed in contemporary pop music (excluding rap and tweener stars of the week). But in this short sample I heard nothing that I had ever heard before, yet every piece played was very musical and demanded and caught my attention. Finally at the end of this listening sample they did play a Jimi Hendrix cut, but a very obscure one. No "Classic Rock" canned programming here with its six plays per day of Stairway to Heaven. As great as those songs are, Classic Rock radio stations play a small list absolutely to death.

A nice feature of the site is the constantly updated listing of what is playing, along with a short bio of the singer/bands and links to their websites and iTunes/Amazon to purchase things you love.

A really impressive site. I won't abandon my beloved WFUV, but this will make a nice alternative and a great resource for new music on my iPod.

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