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Friday, August 06, 2010

Alternate Lost Epilogue Emerges

The epilogue that is apparently the one that will appear on the full series blue ray dvd has, again apparently (one never knows with the Lost producers) found its way to the internet.  In any event the video is now embedded below:

UPDATE:  The original link was taken down within hours of this original post.  Let's leave this blank space as is in memory of that temporary jailbreak pending the arrival of the boxed set.  But I wouldn't be surprised if ABC leaked the 12 minute piece itself and then sicked their pre-positioned lawyers on YouTube and the other major sites in order to create a brief media storm and short-lived viral explosion just before the release of the major boxed set.

For my money, having seen the epilogue, I would not find this a convincing reason to shell out big bucks to replace the dvd versions I already own.  It is a major miscalculation to think that this will drive sales in a world where the difference between the upscaled dvd and the blu-ray version is, frankly, not visible to the human eye and ear.

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