Hogan's Alley

Monday, September 26, 2005

FactCheck.org Lays Waste to MoveOn.org's Latest Broadside

MoveOn and a coalition of other anti-war/Bush groups published an ad in USA Today on 9/22 which listed six "lies" told by the Bush Administration to justify the war in Iraq. FactCheck provides the full context of the quotes in question. They also raise the crucial issue that what was said, especially about WMD, was not a lie if Bush and the others believed the intelligence provided by the CIA and foreign intelligence services.

The simple fact is that there is no evidence that any of these people purposely lied. It seems that everyone on the left asserts that "Bush Lied" as a kind of mantra. However not one person who claims they lied is in any position to know the inner thoughts or internal processes of this administration.

The daily media drumbeat of hopelessness on Iraq and differential treatment of Cindy Sheehan and other anti-war activists has now moved public opinion solidly against the war. It is probably too late for the issue to be muddied by facts. One can, however, hope that the real lies will not stand.