Hogan's Alley

Friday, September 09, 2005

Sen. Landrieu Lashes Out

The Times reports of Sen. Landrieu's anguish and anger, which is apparently solely directed at Pres. Bush. No anger is reserved for any of her colleagues in Congress, the State government or the City of New Orleans. Incongruously, late last week the Senator was filmed in a helicopter over the city when she pointed out that only one bulldozer was pushing earth into the levee breach. This sight made her cry in frustration that, again, the Federal government had only provided one bulldozer. Of course the problem with her judgment in this instance was that the earthen levee is only 15 - 20 feet wide. Only one of these large bulldozers could possibly fit in the space to do this work. This fact, like apparently many others, has escaped the Senator's view, which seems only able to encompass her anger at Bush for having campaigned against her, nearly unseating her in the last election.

Politics poisons everything in this tragedy.