Hogan's Alley

Monday, October 24, 2005

Special Prosecutor Likely To Issue Report Via New Website, Not Indictments.

One thing that has struck me is all the tea leaf reading going on over the few available signs visible from the stone silent precincts of the Special Prosecutor's Office in Chicago. The current conventional wisdom is that indictments are about to be issued.

Let me suggest an alternate reading. Late last week a website came on line for Fitzgerald's office. While this could be a coincidence, it could also be in preparation for the posting of documents relevant to the case. I favor the later interpretation. The website in question has all the signs of a quickie knockoff of the basic Justice Department website and could have been created in a day. I think this means that they are about to publish a report of the results of their investigation, not indictments.

Grand Jury indictments are routinely secret. The details of a given case are not known to the public until the trial itself. Speculation up to now has been that Fitzgerald will issue either indictments or a report, but not both. I believe that all the signs point to the issuance of a report in pdf format via this website.

Of course, it is also possible that indictments will also be issued simultaneously through the usual channels. We'll have to wait and see.