Hogan's Alley

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Muslim Riots In Paris

There appears to be no end in sight to the now week long riots in the suburbs north of Paris, where mostly Muslim youth are torching everything in sight. Gateway Pundit provides a handy summary of recent events, with many followup links.

The gist of most reporting on the motives of the rioters is that they are angry at the racist treatment of those from North Africa and the Middle East. Since we know that all angry demonstrators and rioters are merely expressing in action the fury they so righteously own due to the perceived ills they have been unsuccessful in remedying with more civil tactics, how long will it be before the European and American left mounts the barricades on the side of these young people and against the racism and discrimination that they protest? They have been amazingly quiet so far.

Perhaps the current situation presents an unspoken difficulty for the left. The French government, after all, is staunchly anti-American. Could it be that their virtues on that front will create a kind of protective bubble that will forestall left wing attacks? Sounds like a parallel with the inability of the Women's Movement in the US to see Pres. Clinton's highjinks as the sexual harassment they plainly were.