Hogan's Alley

Thursday, March 23, 2006

American Idol Dumps Little Kevin

Final post for the day on pop culture items. Despite an attempt by some websites to organize a perverse call-in campaign on behalf of young Kevin Corvais as a means of embarrassing the Idol producers, America apparently saw the light and voted him off. This website has, by the way, now turned their tender efforts on Kelly Pickler, who I also believe has overstayed her welcome.

The truth about success in pop music is that most recording stars have true musical talent, not just pleasant voices. Since the time of the Beatles, most have also written their own material and played their instrument(s) creditably. There are exceptions of course, Sinatra, Ella and Mariah Carey leap to mind, but they have been widely acknowledged by their peers as possessing real musicianship to accompany their vocal chops.

The problem with the American Idol machine is that it is a singing only contest. If contestants play and instrument or write original material, they are not permitted to display those talents on performance night. This year the grey haired contestant, Taylor Hicks, was shown during the tryouts playing a mean blues harmonica. Regardless of their ability to play instruments, it seems clear to my music lover's ears that Hicks, as well as Katherine McPhee, Paris Bennett, Elliot Yamin, Mandisa and Chris Daughtry are all musicians with a future.

Who would I like to see win, Katherine, but I could live with any of them. Who will win? Looks play in important part in TV contests like this, so Katherine, Paris or Mr. Hunk, Ace Young seem the likeliest. But lets remember that this audience chose the super sized Ruben Studdard and the less than beautiful Fantasia and Kelly Clarkson in the past. In the end I think that America will go with the performer who consistently moves them. Whichever singer produces the most goose bumps will win.