Hogan's Alley

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Chef Returns A Changed Man

Chef returned to South Park last night and the phrase "Hello children" took on a whole new meaning. Having been brainwashed by a "fruity little club" called the Super Adventurers Club, he morphed into a pederast. All the club's members were overly fond of children.

While I can't imagine which group Matt and Trey were attacking they did have neat little machines used to coerce recalcitrant members and the worst threat they could make was to throw such members out of the club. Oh the horror!

The bottom line is that much of the script was very respectful of Chef, read Isaac Hayes, believing him to be a victim of the cult he joined. It was not, however respectful at all of any hopes by the "Church" of Scientology to suppress their satirical attacks on that entity. They even provided for future press releases by Hayes himself in support of Scientology by showing him rescued from certain death by the Club and placed in a kind of robotic Darth Vader suit so he could be kept alive for their uses.