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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Report Seeks To Establish "No Hunting" Preserve For al Qaeda Operatives

One Terry Davis of the Council of Europe has issued a critique of European governments for allowing the CIA to establish a "happy hunting ground" for Islamist terrorists in Europe. Here's a key quote from the WAPO account:

The report contends that the CIA has unfettered ability to mount covert counterterrorism operations in Europe with little regard to European legal and human rights standards. But the council said it was unable to collect any fresh evidence or obtain independent confirmation of several alleged CIA plots to apprehend or detain suspects on the continent.

Ed at Captain's Quarters gives this "report" the thorough bashing that it deserves. Key quote:

According to Davis, the pressing problem for the EU is not the fact that their countries have been infiltrated by terrorism to such an extent that they present a "happy hunting ground", it's that they haven't forced the CIA to get a hunting permit. They complain that the CIA does not operate under European sensibilities for legality and human rights. However, Davis doesn't understand that the CIA isn't a law-enforcement agency but an intelligence and espionage organization; by definition, that means that their agents operate outside the law and in a covert manner. Not only that, but somehow Davis manages to avoid drawing the line between the amount of terrorists found in their countries and those same legal and human-rights standards that keep Europe from doing much about it.