Hogan's Alley

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Threat From Iran

The government of the Mullahs in Tehran is becoming more and more worrisome. It could be that they are just rattling sabers or "selling wolf tickets" as the phrase went "back in the day". In either case, stakes are very high for all involved.

Today, we have them threatening, "harm and pain" to the United States and we have their President Amadinejad asserting that, "Surely, we are not naive about the United States'...intention to flex muscles, but we also see the bone fractures underneath." The gist of the article is that they could withhold their oil and, even though the U.S. buys no oil from them at present, drive up the worldwide price enough to cause economic pain in America.

Here is another option we should be worrying about. Memri has a report about Iran's organizing of a 53,000 member martyr squadron. Presumably these suicide bombers would infiltrate Iraq, the easiest and most convenient site where American citizens and interests can be caused harm and pain.