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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Story Of 12 Men Seeking Out Daughter Of Danish Cartoonist Retracted

The claim by Danish Liberal Party spokesman Jens Rohde that 12 Muslim men had gone to the school of the daughter of one of the cartoonists who have been threatened with death by some in the Muslim world has now been retracted by Rohde. Since I had previously linked to this story, here is the story as provided by a blog called Bibelin, including a translation of a story in Jyllens-Posten which, based on an interview with the cartoonist in question, reports:

It wasn't Muslim men, but Muslim girls. They weren't adults but are in 6th grade and are 10-11 years of age. They weren't 12 persons, but 6-8 girls at most. And what has been presented as an almost planned action, triggered by the Mohammed-drawings, was instead a result of a year-long strife between the pupils on the two schools, which began a long time before the Mohammed-case, says the cartoonist.

The cartoonist emphasises that the conflict between the schools has been settled now.

»Is (sic) was only a case of children, and it was some girl friend disagreement, which could just as well have been about one of them stealing the others boyfriend. This is Jens Rohde's free imagination, and it's really scary that he can even think of going out with this story. I think it should be made public, how he has lied, says the cartoonist, who has asked for anonymity out of consideration for his family's security.

Thanks to Andrew Sullivan, who had also linked to this story, for spotting the correction. Rohde was foolish to pass on thiapocryphalyl story. It makes all of us concerned about the fascist tendencies of Islamists look foolish for passing on his crap. It does not, however diminish the reality of the danger from those who would silence all who disagree with them.