Hogan's Alley

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Further Sign Of Decline In Zimbabwe

Talk about chickens coming home to roost, according to Zimbabwe's main milling organization the country has only 3 weeks wheat supply left. The cost of bread is up 30%, while the overall inflation rate is now more than 600%! All a further sign of the sad decline of this nation under the leadership of Robert Mugabe.

Of course Mugabe's regime blames the problem on a drought, but according to the opposition Movement for Democratic Change,

"It's terrible right now because of shortages," Arthur Mutambara, leader of one of two factions of the MDC.

"Fuel is not available, commodities are unaffordable, unemployment 80%, inflation above 600%.

"It's a travesty of justice that the country has been so run down by Robert Mugabe's regime."

According to the BBC, "International aid agencies say about 4.3m out of Zimbabwe's 13m people will require food aid until the next harvest in May."

What a shame.