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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Islamists After Daughter Of Danish Cartoonist

A Danish blog called Agora has posted links to Danish sources, naturally in Danish, along with his or her translations of key sections. The bottom line is that 12 men went to the school of the daughter of one of the twelve cartoonists who drew the controversial Muhammad cartoons. Their intent was clearly not benign. Fortunately the girl was not at school. Jens Rohde, the political spokesman for the ruling Liberal Party of Denmark is quoted as saying:

A group of Moslem males have tried to get at the daughter of one of the 12 cartoonists who drew the cartoons of Muhammed at her school. The political spokesman of the Liberals, Jens Rohde, revealed this during an interview with TV-Avisen while explaining his and the Prime Minister’s attack on the business community in Denmark, charging that they have put profits over Freedom of Speech.

Rohde says that the 12 cartoonists have had their lives overturned and are now living in hiding, after receiving several death threats.

"And a daughter of one of cartoonist was sought out by 12 Moslem males - they were looking to get to her. Fortunately she wasn’t at school," Jens Rohde said.

An official Police Intelligence Service has the following comment:

Four months after the cartoons were published, the Police Intelligence Service still doesn’t think it’s safe for the cartoonists to live in the open in Denmark.

They are therefore still under police protection at secret addresses. From sources near to the cartoonists, Dagbladet.no is informed that some of them are receiving help from a psychologist to them deal with the situation.

"None of them had thought that their cartoons would create such a worldwide ruckus," the source says.

These Islamists have got to be stopped if the West intends to retain its open societies.