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Monday, April 17, 2006

The Sopranos - Live Free Or Die, But Not In Yonkers

Last night's episode of The Sopranos found the recently outed Vito hiding out with his "gooma" and then on the run in New Hampshire. All the while the Tony's capos are crying for his head for his having disgraced them, and just on general principals for "following the Hershey highway", as one says.

Homophobia was on full display. Yet Tony, newly enlightened by his brush with death, seems inclined to let what ever goes on in Vito's bedroom, "consenting adults and all that", remain his business. After all, Vito is his best earner and Tony has never been known as someone who ignores his own interests. By the end of the episode his Consigleri, Silvio, is reminding Tony that the guys won't respect him if he lets Vito slide and Tony agrees.

More than agree, in an act of total disregard for Meadow's boyfriend, Finn, he drags him before the high court of mob capos and forces him to recount his witnessing of Vito felating a security guard on a job site. Finn looked like he came out of the meeting with stained undies.

The episode ends with Vito happily exploring the antique shops, B&B's, and gay-tolerant ambiance of New Hampshire.

For me, a native of Yonkers, NY, the best line of the night was Tony's. After Chris reveals that his acquaintance reported Vito's presence in the gay bar, Tony says, "Are we supposed to condemn a man on the word of some douche bag from Yonkers?" Where's the respect?

Another interesting feature of last night's episode was a brief scene in Satriale's back room between Tony and Chris during which Chris references the demonstrations in Islamic countries over the Danish Cartoons. Since all previous reports were that the current episodes were filmed last summer, the producers clearly wrote, shot and pasted in this scene, since the cartoon-related events in January of this year. Perhaps this explains the presence of four writers, including David Chase, in the credits for this episode.

All in all the episode spent far too much time displaying the foul prejudices of the mob culture. We got it in the first fifteen minutes. Let's move on.