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Friday, June 22, 2007

Speaking Of Cultural Conformity...

Apparently, as pointed out by Ann Althouse, former NY Times writer Judith Miller has recently made an appearance on the BloggingheadsTV site and has generated a fire storm of vituperation in the comments section. Viewers are demanding that BloggingheadsTV establish some kind of criteria for its guests that would eliminate anyone who is seen as having been so outside the pale as to have not written stories for the Times that pointed out what everyone on the upper West side of Manhattan knew at the time were lies about WMD in Iraq.

Here are a few quotes selected by Althouse:

Oh my god! Where do hack NYTimes reporters go to die, figuratively speaking of course! Why it's Blogging Heads TV!!!! Will we be seeing Rick Bragg and Howell Raines here next?

Oh God. Bloggingheads has stooped pretty low in the past, but really - Judith Miller? A dishonest hack and a proud purveyor of pre-war propaganda, one of the chief vehicles for the lies the Bush administration used to sell its phony war? Why is she being given a platform here? Could Bob not find anyone more intellectually dishonest - the festering corpse of Richard Nixon, perhaps?...

Why bother watching this? How would it be possible to guess when she's lying and when she isn't? There ought to be some minimal standards for who appears on bloggingheads.

Next up on Bloggingheads - Jayson Blair and Steven Glass...

Jayson Blair and the resurrected corpse of Spiro Agnew would be a great diavlog.
Those who have derided the claims by the Right of a widespread cultural Liberalism in the MSM should witness the enforcement of conformity that is ongoing in the Judith Miller case. Oh, I forgot, rational humanists are not subject to the baser instincts of lesser humanity. Never mind.

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