Hogan's Alley

Friday, September 16, 2005

Accurate Hurricane Katrina Timeline

Factcheck.org has just published a detailed timeline of the relevant sequence of events in this tragedy. Each occurrence is clearly documented and no conclusions are drawn. It is a straightforward explication of the facts.

My only continuing question about this sad train of events relates to the report (only one AP report is sited) of roving bands of armed looters, who Mayor Nagin ordered the police to deal with instead of continuing their search and rescue efforts. There has been much scattered reporting of snipers and other forms of gunfire, but, to my eye, precious little solid documentation. I smell rumors run amok, but only later investigations will be able to establish the facts. And it should be noted that Factcheck.org did not find enough credibility to these reports, other than Mayor Nagin's statement and order to his police, to publish them in this timeline.