Hogan's Alley

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Media Matters Obsession With David Brooks

Today's Media Matters front page goes on endlessly about Brooks "admission" that the White House has, from day one, decided as a matter of policy to never admit any mistakes or fire anyone. Instead of now updating their rant to in any way reflect that the President today did take responsibility for the failings of the Federal government in the Katrina mess, they apparently stand by the ravings of their OCD-plagued staff. But then, who expected anything like reasonableness from rabid advocates such as this outfit.

Their chief complaint seems to be that Brooks hasn't written about this in the NYT, and that he has only spoken about it on Chris Mathews Sunday show. Anyone want to guess the relative size of Mathews' audience compared to the readership of the OpEd page of the Times?

Just for the record, Brooks has in fact written about this issue in his inaugural column in the Times, according to Daniel Drezner. The original Brooks column is archived by the Times, and only available at a price.