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Friday, June 22, 2007

In CheneyWorld, It Seems There Is No Higher Power

When Vice-President Cheney's office became tired of complying with an Executive Order in place since 1995 that required they report to the National Archives on the classified information in their possession. Believe it or not, but Cheney has apparently concluded that the Executive Order does not apply to him. He asserts that the Vice-President is not part of the Executive Branch and therefore not subject to its directives. Huh?

If he is not subject to the orders of the President, and he is clearly not part of the Judicial Branch, is he then asserting that as the constitutionally designated President of the Senate he is part of the Legislative Branch? I doubt that seriously. That would potentially place him under the authority of a majority of the Senate.

Could it be that Dick Cheney is a power separate and apart from all influences except his own good graces? Was the only valid check on him the 2004 elections and having passed that muster he is now immune and above all control? He has certainly demonstrated in his proclamations about progress in Iraq that he is not bound by any reference to reality. But seriously, who the hell does he think he is?

The same lawyers he uses to justify his every choice will soon be out of work in 2009. They will be the ones then trying to convince a court somewhere that some 50 year smoker was shocked, shocked to learn that cigarettes cause cancer. Maybe if Cheney keeps going and defies all reason we will get to finish the Bush presidency with an impeachment vote in the Congress and not have to wait until 2009.

[Photo: AP]